The Winder Foundation’s wave logo is a creative symbol of a spiral. The spiral, or koru as it’s called in Maori culture, stands for new growth, new life, peace and tranquility. New growth reflects the natural cycle of life. Peace and tranquility reflect the desire to be surrounded by these elements, as in the stillness of the forest or on a quiet beach.

Winder Foundation’s over-arching intention is that the new beginnings it promotes are always compassionate, harmonious and peaceful with one another and all life on our planet.




In New Zealand, song is an important cornerstone in our Maori and other cultures. A song (waiata) can be used to call us forward, to celebrate, grieve, learn, or to open and close a ceremony or event. The Winder Foundation song was written by our friend Ruth Makuini Tai from Aroha Insights.

Ruth TaiRuth was raised beneath Putauaki Mountain in Kawerau, Aotearoa New Zealand. Aotearoa is usually translated as the ‘land of the long white cloud’; however it can also mean ‘the eternal light.’ Ruth’s childhood was influenced by the Ngati Awa tribe (iwi) of her mother Tuwharetoa, and by her father Tuhoe Potiki and his tribal upbringing with the Ngati Raka and Ngati Awa tribes.

Ruth is a modern Maori language scholar, a transformation guide, writer, speaker, and Ambassador for Peace, whose journey in life is about exploring the roots of words and letting them tell their story. Ruth brings fresh insight into the depth of Maori language and its potential as a new tohuna (keeper of secrets). Whatever service she provides, the essence of her work is about helping to grow aroha (love) and to share her own tohuna insights about the peace teachings of the Maori.

Ruth tells us, “Winder Foundation’s key words are “wind” and “breath”, so the name WAI-HAU means Breath Waters. Breath Waters embrace the feeling of the breath of new life, new growth, creation, greatness and wholeness. This is reflected in your work with young people and families leading to peacefulness in communities, nations and the wider world.”

Winder Foundation Charitable Trust
ma te Wai-hau – growing into greatness
Waihau o te Aroha
Waihau o te Rangimarie
Waihau kia pumau
te Manawanui
o te Ao nei e...i

Breath waters of Love
Breath waters of Peace
Breath waters that will forever hold
The Great Heart
Of this World