The Winder Foundation team works with others, including educators and youth advocates, psychologists, sociologists, social entrepreneurs, artists and writers, and human rights and social justice groups who share our mission to help boys and families find their way to a positive, satisfying future.

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William S. Pollack, Ph.D.

Author \\ Psychologist \\ Founder & Director of REAL BOYS® Educational Programs

William S. Pollack, Ph.D., is the bestselling author of Real Boys and Real Boys’ Voices. Real Boys has been viewed as “the definitive guide to understanding and interacting with boys of all ages.”

Dr. Pollack is the director of the Centers for Men and Young Men and the director of Continuing Education (Psychology) at McLean Hospital in Massachusetts. He is also Assistant Clinical Professor (Psychology) in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. The Winder Foundation team is planning several projects in collaboration with Bill Pollack.
Website: www.williampollack.com


John Church, Ph.D.

Education Department at the University of Canterbury

John Church and his team are the authors of The Definition, Diagnosis and Treatment of Children and Youth with Severe Behaviour Difficulties

Their report is based on research into the development and treatment of severe behaviour difficulties in children and adolescents. The Winder Foundation’s conversations with Dr Church have centered around our own work in treating early-onset antisocial tendencies in boys who have the potential for normal development.
Website: http://www.educationcounts.govt.nz/publications/special_education/15171

Ruth Tai

Ruth Makuini Tai

Maori Language Scholar \\ Ambassador for Peace

Influenced by a rich Maori heritage of the iwi (tribes) of her whanau (family) – Tuwharetoa, Tuhoe Potiki and Awanuiarangi – Ruth has set up Aroha Insights to bring the light of ancient wisdom into learning, language and life. She has been a New Zealand teacher in Hamilton schools and a lecturer at the Hamilton Teacher’s Training College (now the School of Education at Waikato University).

A wisdom carrier and inspiring speaker, her current work includes specialized workshops, programs, and speeches to international audiences about how Maori language and culture has preserved the teachings of light. Ruth has a long history of friendship and support for the Winder Foundation and its founders.

  • Certified Ambassador for Peace at the second Mongolian Conference for World Peace held in Korea (2004)
  • International ‘Haka for Life’ Tour with Hirini Reedy (2006)
  • Speaker at the 2006 Inaugural Indigenous Grandmothers’ Gathering on Catalina Island, Los Angeles, USA
  • Author of Aroha: The Heart of Conscious Creation.
Visit Ruth at http://www.arohainsights.net

Jane Barr, Identity Designer \\ Brand Styling \\ Art Direction

Fingerprint Design - Founder \\ Director

Jane Barr is the web designer for the Winder Foundation. Before founding Fingerprint Design in 2004, Jane spent many years enhancing her diverse and creative skills in both New Zealand and the UK at various well-known design and advertising agencies. Her philosophy is to get to know her clients and build long and cheerful relationships that help form the foundation for her great design.

Jane began working with the Winder Foundation team in 2008 to create a web design that would serve our work in New Zealand and the world. Just as no two finger prints are alike, Jane’s incredible design work is uniquely creative. She has enjoyed considerable success working on a wide range of New Zealand brands. Her work has been recognized by the design industry, including a silver medal in the UK HAAG Awards in 2001, and bronze medals in the 2008 NZ Best Design Awards. We appreciate that Jane supports Winder Foundation’s work.

Visit Jane at


Gabe d'Annunzio, BSEE

Executive Marketing Strategist

Described as a creative innovator and marketing ‘thaumaturge (wonder worker) and therapist’, Gabe supports the Winder Foundation with over four decades of expertise in developing and implementing marketing programs that effectively translate social and technological innovation into high-value customer benefits.

Born in the US, he has worked with many industries, including computer hardware and software, biotechnology, system integrations, telecommunications, medical devices and consumer electronics. Gabe is a long-time colleague of Diane Hendrickson Winder and was a key marketing strategist for her Boston-based company Hendrickson Consulting Group, Inc. (HCGI) and her clients including Genentech and Boston Scientific Corporation. For several years he has been an executive for O’Sullivan Communications. Previously, he was partner and co-founder of the Strathmore Group, a marketing and consulting firm whose clients included: Honeywell, NEC and 3com, among others. He is the father of two adult daughters, with family in the U.S. and Italy.

  • Marketing specialist for many non-profit organisations (pro bono)
  • Marketing vice president for leading U.S. computer technology companies, including Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), Prime Computer and Seagate Technology


Lindsey Dawson

Author, Magazine Journalist and Editor \\ Writing Mentor

Born in Auckland, Lindsey is a writer whose seven books include two novels and a range of non-fiction titles. She is a student mentor for the Master of Creative Writing course at AUT, and a past judge of the Montana New Zealand Book Awards and the Magazine Publishers Association Awards. She has been a talkback host and newspaper reporter, a National Radio commentator and book reviewer, and a member of the Broadcasting Standards Authority. During her magazine editing career, Lindsey created three major women's titles. As a freelance journalist she wrote about the Winders for the NZ Herald and became a strong supporter of their work (read now).

  • Writes a blog you can find at http://outlouder.blogspot.com
  • Creator of seminars, "Call Out Your Inner Writer: Thoughts that Roar and Words that Sing"
  • 2009 presenter of writers' workshops for Enterprise New Zealand
  • 2009 winner of Magazine Publishers Association Lifetime Achievement Award
Visit Lindsey at http://www.lindseydawson.com


Lisa Er

Community and Network Advisor

An entrepreneur and sustainability advocate, Lisa has a strong business background and believes in ‘doing well while doing good’. She founded Lisa’s Middle Eastern Foods (Lisa’s Hummus), a well-known New Zealand business, and grew it from a home kitchen business to a substantial company before selling it to Sanitarium. Lisa was one of the first entrepreneurs in NZ to practice the principles of sustainability and employed a diverse multicultural staff from nine nations. She has supported the Winder Foundation for many years in community networking and advocacy. The mother of three adult sons, she is passionately interested in people, the planet and peace. Born in England, she has lived in New Zealand for more than 30 years.

  • Founding Member – Business for Social Responsibility
  • Green Party candidate (2009)
  • ASB Bank Business Woman of the Year (2000)
  • 'Her Business' Business Woman of the Year (2001-2002)
  • Co-Founder - The Friday Forum for Spirituality and Health
Visit Lisa at http://www.greens.org.nz/people/candidates/lisaer


Michael Fleck, M.A.

Community and Network Advisor

Born in the United States but resident in New Zealand since 1983, Michael has over 30 years of experience in event coordination and marketing management. He has been involved in the coordination of arts tours for the Arts Council of New Zealand as well as lecture tours for visiting artists and visionaries. He has utilized his experience in events management to organise major conferences on peace and the environment. Michael has developed such presentations as: Promoting Your Purpose: The Soul of Public Relations; Embodying Your Vision: The Way of the Artist; Living Simply with the Power of Purchasing; and Community Netweaving -- A Strategy for Sustainability. He has supported the Winder Foundation for many years with project development, learning journeys and event design. He is known as a ‘netweaver’, change agent, peace and people’s advocate.

  • Director, Good Company Pacific and coordinator for indigenous artists' journeys to Hawaii, Rarotonga, and throughout New Zealand
  • Lecturer, University of Hawaii and University of Auckland
  • Coordinator for lecture tours for Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Rupert Sheldrake, Paul Horn, Elisabet Sahtouris, Hank Wesselman, Barry Brailsford, and Neale Donald Walsch
Visit Michael at http://www.goodcompanypacific.com


Margaret Terrian Rode

Web Designer and Development Executive
Web Sites for Good, Founder \\ Designer

Margaret Terrian Rode is the web designer and development specialist for the Winder Foundation. Websites for Good is a global web services company based in the United States that serves people who are working to do good in their families, communities and the world. Under Margaret's leadership, competence and wisdom, Web Sites for Good’s mission is to not only design and create the right web presence that aligns with each client's vision and values, but to form a long-term partnership that is based on responsiveness, care and kindness.

At Web Sites for Good, client relationships and outstanding services are as important as the creative process and the practical and desired outcome. Margaret began working with the Winder Foundation team in 2008, and has established our web presence in New Zealand and worldwide. Among Margaret’s clients are many people and organizations who are contributing to goodness in the world. Winder Foundation appreciates Margaret’s support from the wilderness in Kittredge, Colorado.

Visit Margaret at


Rebecca Shrigley, BA

Research and Programs Manager

Born in New Zealand, Rebecca has extensively supported the Winder Foundation with research, administration, design, development and so many other activities that have helped us to help others. A new thinker and new leader, she is integral in translating the Foundation’s vision into action.

Her academic studies are in social anthropology, politics and development studies, uncovering the ways in which cultures – whether ethnic, organizational or political – shape the ways in which we govern our lives. Her focus is on women’s empowerment and education.

Rebecca’s family includes a brother and sister, with relatives in New Zealand, Australia and Ireland.

  • Awarded senior prize in anthropology
  • Certificate of Business Administration & Computing, NZ Institute of Education
  • Double major: Politics and Anthropology


Dwight Whitney, BA, MA, East-West Centre Graduate

Communications and Brand Advisor \\ Writer

Born and educated in the United States and now living in New Zealand, Dwight has extensively worked and studied in Japan. He is an accomplished international communicator with over 35 years experience. Since 1986, Dwight has worked as a brand advisor and writer – both in his own business and as a senior consultant for DDB Pinnacle, part of the global Omnicom Group.

A registered black belt and instructor with the International Aikido Federation, Dwight has a pronounced sense of justice and is passionate about human dignity and kindness.  He has had a close relationship with the founders of the Winder Foundation for a number of years as an advisor and advocate.

  • Co-founder of Line in the Sand, a movement to establish a national anti-bullying centre in NZ
  • Interpreter and writer for the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Writer for the international marketing division of Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) in Japan
  • Graduate course lecturer in public relations and communication at Unitec and AUT in NZ
  • Panel presenter at an international United Nations symposium on International Communication and The Right to Communicate.
Visit Dwight at www.trinitycom.co.nz


Ava R. Schlesinger, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker \\ Owner & Director of Terra Sky Center for Wellness

Born in New York City, Ava is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice and a certified trainer for the Gurian Institute. The Gurian Institute teaches parents and early childhood educators about the neurobiological and biochemical make-up of boys and girls to assist them in nurturing the development of their children in the context of their family and culture.

Ava supports the Winder Foundation with over 10 years of specialized experience in the treatment of survivors of childhood abuse, most of who have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as co-morbid mood and dissociative disorders. Ava uses an integrated approach, enabling her to depend upon a wide foundation of tools and theories in her treatment of post trauma consequences as they manifest within our human experience.

Prior to her work as a clinical social worker, she was a creative director in New York City. She explains, “I approach my work as a therapist and educator in much the same way as I did my art, it comes from my whole self, utilizing creativity and passion as the driving energy.” Ava is a colleague of Diane Winder at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, with ordination in Interfaith/Interspiritual Ministry (2012). She is the mother of a son and a daughter.

  • Owner/Director of Terra Sky Center for Wellness, a holistic center offering an array of services and educational opportunities, all with the intention of supporting growth and wellness
  • Post-graduate training in a wide range of clinical modalities ranging from classic psychoanalytic to evidence-based cognitive/behavioral therapies
  • One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, New York City: Interfaith/Interspiritual Ministry
Visit Ava at http://www.terraskycenter.com/


Emily West-Sadler, Administrative Assistant

Virtual Assistant \\ Specialist in Occupational and Coaching Psychology

Born in England and now living in New Zealand, Emily is dedicated to serving those who are empowering and educating others to be authentic and live sustainably.  She has provided general administration and social media support for Integrated Events Centre of New Zealand, XL Nation, Geraldine McMahon, Authenticis, Awakening As One, Soul Software, the Wealth Catalyst Coach, GeboMana and many others.

Emily studied psychology, specialising in occupational and coaching psychology. She worked eight years for the British Government in their Department for Education. 

Her life purpose is to raise global consciousness by using social media to connect people to ideas that can change themselves and the world. Her journey has seen her grow ever more into a loving soul in the spirit of unconditional love in touch with her feminine consciousness.  Her mission is to inspire others to be who they truly are and to know themselves, in respect for our bodies, for others and for the planet we live on.

Winder Foundation is proud to have Emily’s support and deep awareness about life and all its wonders for children of the next generations.

Visit Emily on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/Authentic.Em


Lorraine H. Warshaw BSC, MBA

Whole-Systems Thinker \\ Strategic Advisor \\ Cultural Creative

Born in the United States and now living in New Zealand, Lorraine founded BusinessNext International, a business growth consulting firm, in 1986 and has remained its managing director and owner.

Her areas of expertise are strategic and financial management, organizational development and leadership mentoring. She has served on numerous boards of directors in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors in the USA and New Zealand.

  • Treasurer and Past President YWCA Auckland
  • President/Acting CFO for publicly traded and start-up companies
  • Harvard University Graduate MBA

Roy Johnson

Roy Johnson MBA, Dip. of Business

Business Strategist \\ Avid Learner \\ Strong Advocate for Boys and Men

Roy is a business advisor, corporate business broker and mentor, with a background in engineering and corporate management. He supports businesses, government and not-for-profit organizations to thrive. Roy has also been joint chairman of Man Alive, an innovative Auckland program helping New Zealand men to address and heal violence and anger in their lives. His personal philosophy is based on Bernard Shaw’s maxim: “Life is not a brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for a moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing over to future generations.”

  • NZCE-ANZIM – Institute of Directors
  • Accredited business broker, Real Estate Institute of New Zealand
  • Business mentor to more than 150 business owners