"It’s seamless. Everybody knows what’s happening. The boys love it and the benefit is clear. The boys need what B-Cool gives them.

"B-Cool has helped me have patience. I used to snap at my parents when they growled at me. I control my emotions and anger now. I get to share stuff in the group. It’s a safe place for that."

"This work with challenged boys is extremely valuable. Staff and parents also get much needed support in dealing with boys of this nature. It’s making a real difference and I applaud this program. If I could, I would have The B-Cool Program for every boy in my school."

"I wanted to let you know how much I value the B-Cool Program that you run with our boys. They appreciate the strategies to cope and deal with their issues. The environment is safe. The boys can share their thoughts and emotions and not only help themselves, but help others in the group."

"B-Cool is of enormous value. Needy children get a program on a regular basis.  They get affirmation and the feel that they are important. The boys enjoy coming each time to the sessions and they get something positive from each experience. So often these boys have a dysfunctional relationship at home without stability, and frequently, they don't have a person at home they can talk to. With B-Cool, they get guidance, experience and care. As well, supporting the teachers helps them teach more effectively and adapt their programs to cater for these boys’ needs. This is important to the teachers. They see alternative ways that they can best deal with their situations, implementing new tools to achieve their teaching objectives with the boys. The boys are very happy. We have seen some fantastic changes in them."

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The B-Cool Program for Boys is a self-directed development program that focuses on the unique needs of boys.

This one-year comprehensive in-school program (90 minutes each week) is tailored for primary, secondary or intermediate schools. B-Cool works within the whole social circle of young men, their parents, caregivers, teachers and youth supporters. Although the program typically runs for a full year, a specially designed program with a shorter duration has proven effective.

We equip boys from age seven and upwards to unravel the ‘boy code’ in which bottled-up emotions can lead to conflict, unbalanced relationships, and poor academic and behavioral performance. Boys learn to replace fists with words, trauma with talk, frustration with hope and fear with connection. They reach out to each other for support, and go inside to find the best of their human selves. B-Cool creates the right environment for them to show amazing leadership potential and fulfill their inherent promise.

B-Cool is built on decades of substantial research and practical application. The program embeds lasting changes and can benefit the entire school culture, homes and communities. It has already been the key to a sustained transformation in the lives of hundreds of boys in dozens of New Zealand schools.

For more information, see the b-cool page, or e-mail us.

DonateDonations to the B-Cool Program go directly to boys’ education and development programs needed for schools and parents. We see the outcomes of troubled young men every day in the news. Your donation can help change that. B-Cool has been a tremendous success with over 700 boys in over 25 New Zealand schools.

For only $1500 you can help sponsor one boy – less than a $5 cup of coffee a day. The benefit to society is many times over in raising healthy and happy young men. Can you help boys to develop critical and positive emotional, social and life skills? All donations, large or small, are welcome.