Boy and dad



"I’ve valued the help you’ve given Steve. It has helped him with his grief. He doesn’t suffer so much. It’s helped the whole family and affirmed what I’m doing. It’s a real relief to get help."

"The boys have been amazing since our time together. It feels like they’ve gone back to their happy selves. They’re close again. It’s a huge shift. My oldest son is now more peaceful in himself and has let his anger go, enabling him to connect again with himself and the family. During our meetings, I felt my boys alert, as though a part of them realized this was important – they were meant to be here and that their relationship with each other could change. It helped me understand the importance of constantly taking responsibility to be the best I can be in any relationship."

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This positive and practical service is designed to help parents and caregivers who need new parenting ideas and solutions.

Full Circle is available for families or extended families (whanau) in all kinds of modern relationships: mums, dads, separated couples, solo parents, grandparents or caregivers across cultures and generations. Full Circle helps families draw out their own knowledge, wisdom, strengths and skills to make healthy decisions and take a new direction as you navigate your way through parenting.

There are times in parenting when guidance can make a real difference. Full Circle is a mentoring, not a counseling service, that brings family members together to create positive and lasting change. Our team specializes in working with families who have young children, pre-teens and teenagers, with a special focus on boys. All family members gain life tools that can be immediately put to use inside and outside the home.

One-on-one consultations take place at the Winder Foundation offices, or by phone. Our telephone sessions have helped people around the world, and work especially well in situations involving teens.  Each one-hour session offers separate time away from home and work, where families can safely explore issues, gain different perspectives, and build new and workable strategies. Our experience with hundreds of families indicates that a minimum of ten sessions is needed to make the kind of in-depth and lasting changes people are seeking.

You can find out more information about Full Circle Family Coaching here, or e-mail us.

DonateWhile parenting can always be challenging, the current global economic crisis adds another level of pressure. For those already in need, the impact is even greater. Full Circle Family Coaching’s solid guidance helps families solve behavioral problems, emotional outbreaks and other family issues before they escalate out of control.

For $1500, less than a $5 cup of coffee a day, you could help sponsor a family in need.
Can you help families build harmony in the New Zealand home? All donations, large or small, are welcome.