"The parents were just blown away by the positive changes in their boys."

"I've learned that it doesn't pay to fight. Here we get along with people. I respect people more and listen to what they're saying, what they mean and what they’re feeling."

"Before this program, like many schools, we had so many behavioral issues with boys that nearly every aspect of the school was affected. The result was significant teacher stress, a decline in student focus in the classroom, and vast amounts of principal time for disciplinary interventions. In 15 weeks, this programme turned our school around. It was so important on all school levels. The cost of not doing it was so high that it was imperative to run it again this year."




"It’s been very valuable talking here with Jamie about important issues that trouble him, things deep inside him. I appreciate the professional perspective as we’re talking. It’s most important to have these conversations; the more we do the better. I can see the patterns that I’ve handed down; patterns in me and patterns in him. This work helps both me and my son."

"My life is better. I can stay calm and to be happy. I’m helping in the family, and this term has been great for me. My parents loved my report and so did I. I’m getting along a lot better with Mum. My sister and I are having some mistakes, but mostly we’re having fun together. I’ve made more new friends and my teacher is proud of me for that. I’m now on a cricket team that plays on Saturdays. This Saturday, I bowled three overs; my score was 7 runs and 1 wicket. The team was proud. My life has come a long way since the start of the year. I’ve learnt a lot, thanks.

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Winder Foundation works in partnership with youth, their families, schools and communities, with a special focus on boys.  We aim to get to the heart of emotional, behavioral, social or educational issues, equipping boys with tools for self-empowerment, self-discovery and self-direction. Our children are the seeds of our future. We view the most promising and sustainable solution to the great hurdles in our society to be new approaches to child-centered learning, leadership and life skills.

We work to support young men, aged from seven upwards, to become strong, healthy and fit in mind, body and spirit preparing them for adulthood, parenthood, leadership and life.

They build strength, harmony and peace within their family and wider social circles by participating in a broad range of practical processes and innovative practices.

We work with people of all cultures and walks of life as they develop good relationships and realize their full potential.

Those who can benefit include:

  • Boys who are often labeled ‘at risk’ but whom we prefer to see as ‘at promise’ – for all can learn to turn difficult or ‘at risk’ situations into new stories transforming their attitude to serious social, emotional, behavioral and educational challenges and finding new solutions for themselves.
  • Families who seek to strengthen their relationships and build family harmony.
  • Wider social circles of extended families, educators, family agencies and government groups who are inspiring young people to make new and better choices.

We have designed in-depth and practical programs, resources, events and mentoring services with the aim of sharing insights, practices and stories with New Zealand and the global community.

DonateOur focus is on helping young people and families to cultivate new solutions to the many issues facing them today.  

Programs range from one-day to one-year and are tailored to respond to the needs of each situation.