"It’s so important to remember that this work is making such a difference in these young men!"

"The B-Cool Program is awesome. Boys learn to trust. They are open with their feelings. Boys aren’t always free in that way. They are fully listened to and heard. The openness and honesty of the boys is noticeable. This has allowed them to make big shifts and focus on what they really want to do. It’s good that they notice their own changes, too. I hope other schools pick up on this great program."

"I've improved my listening, sharing and patience. I share my feelings and ways not to get angry."

"We are ardent believers in this program. It’s giving boys an incentive. The credit system works well. The boys feel they have a safe place in the group, where they feel heard. Without the program, boys wouldn’t have had time to reflect. It’s good for them to have good male role models with positive influence. It’s a positive learning experience that makes the boys feel valued. They are getting strategies for life."

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These photos show boys and families in our programs.

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Cameron Primary Boys Maskmaking
Art Mask Mural Graphic Jon Winder
Masks Working - Aerial View Maskmaking Fun
Big Drums Rogan and Mum Diane Winder Peace Circle Art

Sport Focus Drumming Active Listening Folded Listening